What is Bobbin Club?


Click to Apply for Bobbin Club

The Short Story:
Bobbin Club is a place to sew and meet for people who have basic understanding and competence in sewing. It is a membership based club which allows approved members of the public to access the Bobbin and Ink sewing workshop facilities. If you need to access sewing machines, overlockers, a heat press and or are just looking for a place to work from with basic sewing supervision, click on our MEMBERSHIP page for more details.

The Long Story:
Sewing from home can feel a bit isolating, particularly when you’re starting out. At Bobbin and Ink we want to motivate people to continue honing their skills in sewing. If you don’t have the space at home to work on projects or you just want a cosy place to work with the added convenience of being a 2min walk from coffee and thai food, join Bobbin Club @ Bobbin and Ink.

Starting at  $20 for a month, membership gets you one hour free using one of our sewing machines or over lockers plus a month’s access to our cutting table, sewing bench, rental facilities (bring your own sewing machine to work for free), irons, heat press, dress-making manequins and more. With the added convenience of sewing supplies for sale in-store you can pick up bargain fabric pieces, tools and trimmings.

Visit the MEMBERSHIP page or EMAIL US for more details.

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