Bobbin Club Membership and Pricing

Signing Up For Bobbin Club: Meet Our Criteria

To become a member of Bobbin Club you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Have previously attended a Bobbin & Ink Beginners’ Sewing Machine Set-Up Class.
  • Have studied or be in the process of studying sewing related fashion courses at college, TAFE, University or similar.
  • Have basic sewing machine knowledge/ be at a beginner sewing level. (i.e you can thread a sewing machine, select stitches, adjust tension and are reasonably confident on a sewing machine)

Ultimately, approval to join Bobbin Club is up to the discretion of the managers at Bobbin and Ink.

Please note: If staff are ever made to feel unsafe or disrespected by a member of Bobbin Club, current or pending, they have the right to refuse or cancel that member’s membership and refund any remainder from payments made.

Membership Fees

If you meet one of the membership criteria above and want to join Bobbin Club @ Bobbin and Ink, we have three membership plans including:

This basic membership plan allows you access to:

  • Bobbin & Ink cutting tables and spaces
  • Ironing facillities
  • Free use of Pattern Library (patterns are not to be removed from premises)
  • Scrap fabric bin
  • Free Over locker & sewing machine Black and White threads
  • 1 free pack of universal assorted sewing machine needles upon joining
  • One free hour per month of sewing machine or over locker use
  • Limited Help and advice while you sew

*Note: Rental periods do not run while classes are in progress. Please make sure you book ahead!

Hourly Rental Rates

Once you have paid for basic membership and once you’ve used your free 1hr sewing machine or overlocker rental each month, you will also be entitled to rent our sewing machinery on an hourly basis to use in-store. Below is the pricing for each machine available :

All sewing machines:

  • $10/hour

All overlockers:

  • $20/hour

Note: Your free 1 hour use must be used all at one time. Price indicated for hourly machine rental must also be used at one time and cannot be split up (i.e 20mins one day and the next day 5mins, they must be used in hourly lots) 

To join Bobbin Club please email us at

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