What is Print Club?


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The Short Story:
We allow people to who already know how to screen print to become members of Print Club and use our workshop facilities on an hourly basis.Print Club @ Bobbin and Ink is a membership based print community which allows approved members of the public to access the Bobbin and Ink print workshop facilities.

The Long Story:
A screen printing rental space for those who would like to print, but don’t have the space to do so at home. It’s also a place to meet and discuss ideas with others who enjoy screen printing.

Print Club @ Bobbin and Ink Space


In April 2012 Laura from Bobbin and Ink set on a venture to set up and manage Arcade Print Club, with the generous support of Steve Woods and Carol Jones of Arcade Screen Printing. Steve and Carol allowed club members to use their premises and equipment to print films, coat, shoot and strip screens and print on access days, which set the foundations for a vibrant family of printers to grow from. Steve also offered invaluable support as a practising  yardage and textiles printer at his premises (Screenhaus Yardage/Arcade Screen Printing), to which we are always thankful.

Arcade Print Club

Since those early days, Print Club has quickly grown into a great community and outlet for start-out and continuing printers. Within a year we signed up our 80th member, and so it became apparent that while Arcade was a fantastic space to be allowed access to, a dedicated space for Print Club patrons was needed to provide more printing time and to allow the community to expand into and grow from.

So Bobbin and Ink was born! A shared workspace where on the one hand, people can connect by learning to print and practice in a ready to go rental workspace, and on the other can explore their craft in sewing and textile design. With the help of Juliet, a practising pattern maker and seamstress, Bobbin and Ink encompasses not just the Print Club side of things, but separate sewing facilities available for trained visitors to rent and use on site.

We hope you’ll find the space is clean and filled with trade quality equipment that can be accessed to create your own printed and sewn items that can be sold or gifted.


Visit the MEMBERSHIP page or EMAIL US for more details.


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