Print Club Membership & Pricing

Signing Up For Print Club: Meet Our Criteria

To become a member of Print Club you must meet ONE of the following criteria:

  • Have previously attended a Bobbin & Ink Beginners’ Print Class.
  • Have previously attended an Arcade Screen Printing Start-Up Class (we will check this with Arcade staff).
  • Have studied or be in the process of studying screen printing at college, TAFE, University or similar.
  • Have print industry experience or adequate experience running a home print operation.

Our main pre-requisite is that you are already familiar with the process of coating a screen with photo-emulsion and exposing it using a UV lamp, along with some basic print process experience. Though Laura is usually around to supervise Print Club sessions, you should expect to be left alone for most of your time at Print Club. If you would like to join and do not have enough experience, check out our upcoming Screen Printing beginners’ classes at Bobbin & Ink.

Ultimately, approval to join Print Club is up to the discretion of the managers at Bobbin and Ink.

Please note: If staff are ever made to feel unsafe or disrespected by a member of Print Club, current or pending, they have the right to refuse or cancel that member’s membership and refund any remainder from payments made.

Membership Fees

If you meet one of the membership criteria above and want to join Print Club @ Bobbin and Ink, we have 3 basic membership plans:

  • 1 Month Membership – $20p/month (month to month) or
  • 3 Month Membership – $50
  • Yearly Membership  –  one $200 payment for the year

This basic membership plan allows you free access to:

  • Bobbin & Ink Screen exposure facilities (UV exposure lamp and vacuum unit)
  • Washout facilities and reclaiming chemicals for up to 5 screens at a time.
  • Screen preparation facilities (coating troughs, block out and tape)

Hourly Rental Rates

Once you have paid for basic membership, you will also be entitled to rent our print machinery on an hourly basis to use in-store. Below is the pricing for each print station:

  • Multi-colour t-shirt, tote bag and textile printing facilities (1 x 4-arm carousel on site) at $20 p/hour.
  • Poster and other flat-stock printing facilities (1 x manual hand bench with vacuum base) at $20 p/hour.
  • More print stations soon to come.

Summary of Everything Above:

Print Club Membership (Pick Option a) or b)):

Option a)
$20p/month (month to month) or

Option b)
$50 every 3 months or

Option c)
$200 yearly membership

This entitles you to:

  • Free exposure facilities
  • Free chemical access
  • 10% off Ink and Screen Purchases
  • Free ink sampling of available colours (up to 5 prints)

 Extras (To be paid for, as used):

  • $20 p/hr on a print machine/station
  • $5 per screen for emulsion
  • Ink Purchases
  • $10 daily screen hire (or bring your own for free)
  • $10 daily squeegee hire (or bring your own for free)
  • Films ($10 per A4, $15 per A3)

EMAIL Laura to sign up today!

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