How much is it to rent a sewing machine?

Prices are calculated on an hourly basis. Minimum rental time is for 1 hour.

1 hour = $15

2 hours = $25

3 hours = $35

*Please note that if you have never used our machines before, you are required to have basic sewing machine knowledge. A $50 deposit will also be required at the start of each session which will be returned on completion of the session. If any sewing machine breakage during the time of your session (excluding needles) the $50 deposit will be kept for repairs.

Sounds great. How do I book my session?

You can book in-store or book online. Simply click on the link below, pick a facility from the list, select a preferred machine (or leave blank and we’ll chose one for you), select your session day and time and fill out your details. Simple!

We’ll receive your booking request and send you an email confirming your session time is locked in.

*Please note that booking your session time through the link does not automatically lock you in at that session time. We reserve the right to decline the booking.

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