Bobbin and Ink stocks a variety of products from local Sydney sewing aficionados and screen printers. Many are just starting their labels out and they all either print or sew the items themselves.

Check out the links below for a preview of the labels we stock and the people working hard behind them. Don’t forget to visit us at 28 King St, Newtown to see more of their products. Homewares, clothing, accessories, cards, toys and more – you’ll find original handmade items for all occasions at Bobbin and Ink.

We also sell a number of sewing and screen printing supplies. If we don’t have what you need for your projects we are happy to order them in for you!

Have a sewing machine that needs a good service? Juliet at Bobbin & Ink has extensive knowledge about sewing machines and how to solve a number of sewing machine problems you may be having. We can offer you a basic machine service for $80 including a full sewing machine clean out and oiling. Your machine will be next to new! Call 7019 2581 or email us at for more info.

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